REUSEMED video: a glimpse about its closing event promoting the culture of reuse in the Mediterranean region


On the 3rd and 4th May 2023, SADECO, lead beneficiary of REUSEMED, hosted the other partners from Italy, Jordan and Tunisia to share their results about the circuits implemented in 4 Mediterranean cities in order to promote the culture of reuse.

After the institutional greetings by representatives from the City Council, the conference, held in the historic heart of Córdoba, began with speeches by Ms. Irene Morell, JTS officer at the ENI CBC MED programme and senior expert in environment and climate change; and Ms. Joumana Sweiss, programme officer at ENI CBC MED Valencia branch office.

The results of the project in the partner cities (Deir Allaa -Jordan-, Capannori -Italy-, Sakiet Ezzit -Tunisia-, and Córdoba -Spain-), were conveyed to the audience in the form of videos showing the different reuse circuits and infrastructures created, the application supporting the new circuits, the training developed, and the most impactful communication interventions carried out.

The projections were followed by a round table with the participation of a representative of each partner city's team and a representative of ANEPMA (the National Association of Public Environmental Entreprises in Spain), Salvador Gómez Pérez, design partner of the shared APP to connect users and managers of these reuse circuits ( to be launched at the end of May 2023) .

In addition, the final beneficiaries of the project in the partner cities spoke to the public through videos. Citizens who use the new reuse circuits and infrastructures, associations and companies involved in the circuits, staff of the partner organizations or students of the courses given took the floor. These four videos of citizens in Jordan, Italy, Tunisia and Spain were undoubtedly very moving.

After a sweet aperitif, there was also time to detail the characteristics of a new capitalization in progress: the twinning of Cordoba with Deir Qanun el Naher (Lebanon) and Madaba (Jordan). A representative of each of the cities twinned with Cordoba participated in a round table, as well as a representative of MedCities, the organization coordinating the twinning program, which is part of the Med4Waste project.

Finally, and before starting a round of field visits throughout Cordoba to see the reuse circuits in operation, the presentation of the Accreditation Diplomas to all REUSEMED members was held by Jesús Diz Pérez, President of ANEPMA; and the manager of Sadeco, Francisco José Ruiz Rodríguez.