Strengthening social inclusion in the Mediterranean area: the contribution from HELIOS, RESMYLE and MedTOWN projects funded by ENI CBC MED Programme


On Thursday 7th of May 2020, the representatives of three ENI CBC MED funded projects under Priority A.3 “Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty”, RESMYLE, MedTOWN and HELIOS held an online cluster meeting. 

The event focused on the presentation of each project belonging to the Priority A.3. and the identification of potential synergies to be developed, with the final aim of promoting social inclusion and fight against poverty in the Mediterranean region. 

ARCES Association (HELIOS Lead Partner) described how HELIOS project began to break down barriers of social exclusion of young people (NEETs) and women. The project consortium started by elaborating a NEET profiling questionnaire to identifying the target groups in the six Mediterranean countries involved (Italy, Spain, Greece, Jordan, Tunisia and Palestine). In particular, HELIOS project will create tailored skills training courses based on the specific needs of the Blue and Circular Economy (BaCE) sectors and the needs of their target groups (NEETs and women).  

The Assembly of Cooperation for Peace, lead partner of project MedTOWN explained its initiative, which focuses on the combined potential of agents of the social and solidarity economy (SSE), citizens and local authorities to co-produce social policies to tackle poverty, inequality, social exclusion and environmental unsustainability. More specifically, MedTOWN project will provide tools and connections to build local resilience and foster the transition to fairer, more resilient and sustainable societies in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The RESMYLE project Lead Partner (Coopératived'Activité et d'Emploi Petra Patrimonia) gave details on the activities covered by their project, which include among other support actions carried out by the organizations and the creation of a Mediterranean network of ecological incubators for youth-led activities based on a common method and shared tutoring / training.

Finally, each funded project had the occasion to  present a brief overview of what his project can bring to other projects in the future in terms of technical support, models, processes, techniques, tools, cross-shareholdings, decision support systems, and educational and training material (packages, software, publications, etc.).

As mentioned during this meeting, being HELIOS, RESMYLE and MedTOWN members of the first consortium to enhance cooperation among the others projects, their common idea is to multiply the opportunities for shared space, bring the representatives and experts of these synergic ENI CBC MED projects together and create a Euro-Med community of good practices on social inclusion in the Mediterranean region

All of this requires long-time horizons, and this in turn requires significant associational power. 

RESMYLE, MedTOWN and HELIOS are part of this ambitious goal!

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