TRANSDAIRY is calling all dairy innovators to compete for spin-off creation & support in Lebanon


As part of the Transdairy Living Lab activities, Berytech Foundation aims to support the creation of 3 spin-off startup projects that are developing innovative solutions, technologies or processes for the dairy value chain.

Entrepreneurs, enterprises, industries, SMEs, and researchers working in the dairy innovation sector and looking to turn an innovative R&D project into a spin-off business are invited to apply.

3 selected participants from Lebanon will benefit from a 10,000-euro grant and guidance from Berytech team, which will enable them to support the creation of their spin-off in the dairy value chain.

This presents a unique opportunity to create an independent entity that could offer a new line of production/services/process innovations in the dairy sector that can be developed and scaled to Mediterranean markets.

10 participants will be shortlisted to present their business plan in front of a jury and 3 will be selected to benefit from the grant and support.

Who Can Apply

  • Innovators, entrepreneurs and key enabling technology providers (KET) within the Dairy Value Chain sector interested in creating a new product or service and turning them into a spin-off business.
  • Individuals willing to start a new company or those who have already established a company within the previous 18 months before the launch of the call.
  • Ventures and companies in the dairy value chain sector working on R&D projects and interested in creating a spin-off.
  • Researchers, Faculty Members, Lab Members, working on research in this sector and willing to turn their research into a spin-off.

Selection & Award Criteria

  • Group of Participants should reside in Lebanon and should be committed to the development of their spin off project.
  • Group of Participants must demonstrate the spin-off business model including economic viability through a simplified budget with estimation of costs, innovation, applicability, scalability, and team experience.
  • Group of Participants must demonstrate the Innovation and technology readiness level having a minimum of a technology prototype.
  • Group of Participants must be part of a team.
  • Estimated timetable and appeal procedure.

Key Benefits and Opportunities

  • Obtain hands-on experience and legal advice to support the creation of the spin-off.
  • Access to a grant of 10,000 euro that will be used to support you in the creation of your spin off.
  • Provide the opportunity to bring to life new line of production or service for an established enterprise, turn research into a product and a project into an actual product or service.
  • Access to the Transdairy a regional network of professionals and an online collaborative platform which features a database of Dairy Value Chain regional demand and offer and allows communication and networking among regional innovators, suppliers, partners, prospective clients, etc.

Invitation to participate and benefit from the subsequent Transdairy activities for 2023 which include: 

  • Entrepreneurship Training Program and Focus Groups on innovation management, benchmarking, technology transfer etc.
  • Cross Border Brokerage Events: Matchmaking opportunities between innovators and investors on a regional level.
  • Specialized Training on innovation management, benchmarking technology transfer etc.

Reporting Results
The selected sub-grantees are requested to fill in the following:
Sub-grant application – Annex 2a
here to read about the sub-grant application.

Sub-grant budget – Annex 2b
Click here to read about the sub-grant budget.

Application Process

  • Sub-grant guidelines: Click here to read about the sub-grant guidelines.
  • Annexes must be signed and submitted (along with the pitch deck) by e-mail to the following address:

Deadline for submission of application: 20 April 2023



Need More Info?

If you have any questions about the Transdairy Program, please contact: 

Mrs. Joelle Elhajjar, Programs Manager at Berytech: