TRANSDAIRY innovative Minds Compete for Success in Tunisia


On December 15th, 2022, the Cross Border Brokerage Event held its second day of consecutive competitions, generating an exciting atmosphere and fueling the participants' enthusiasm.

During the first phase of the competition, twelve brilliant innovators took over and pitched their ideas with the will and determination to hoist the prize.

A member of the honorable jury stated that the competition was fierce and choosing a winner was challenging. They were impressed by the high quality and enlightening presentations, which not only featured innovative and unique ideas, but also very original solutions presented by the candidates.

Eight participants were able to be chosen as winners and won a prize of  €4000 each.

  • .Mouna BOULARES: Valorization of natural resources in the dairy value chain: from animal feed to functional products
  • Imen GHRAM: Conception of a biosensor to detect bacteria in milk
  • Amel SBOUI:  Camel milk and dairy products: the next superfood
  • Rim EL JENI: Probiotic bacteria: Dairy production promoter
  • Salma BESSALAH: Caminova : Camel skin. From waste to gold
  • Imen MAHMOUDI: Production of industrial freeze-dried probiotic lactic culture
  • Akila KHLIFI: Voltammetric electronic tongue based on nanocomposite for discrimination of milk quality
  • Maha BERGAOUI: Making cheese with Tunisian vegetable rennet

The Brokerage Event has provided unique opportunities for Living Labs innovators to establish future collaborations and partnerships and progress a step closer to their dreams via developing two clusters for co-publications.

The amount of this prize was up to €2000.

  • Cluster 1: 
    • Dr. Imen Ghram
    • Dr. Alejandra OLAY CHEU
    • Dr. Amel SBOUI
  • Cluster 2: 
    • Eng. Sabah CORM
    • Dr. Mireille KALLASSY
    • Dr. Giacomo TROMBI
    • Dr. Rim EL JENI


 Last but not least, the third competition session was preserved for the co-patent clusters in order to win €8000 and it was for:

Cluster 1:

  • Dr. Imen GHRAM
  • Dr. Akila KHLIFI

Cluster 2:

  • Dr. Mouna Boulaares
  • Dr. Amel Sboui 


Innovative projects of our potential entrepreneurs, which until recently were a dream, will soon become a reality thanks to TRANSDAIRY project.


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