TRANSDAIRY continues the momentum to support technology transfer applied to the Dairy Value Chain


After the closing of the TRANSDAIRY Cross Border Brokerage Event in Bio Nanotechnologies and ICT applied to Dairy Value Chain (DVC), The Steering Committee members from the eight TRANSDAIRY partners met on December 15th in Tunisia.


The meeting was opened by Dr. Khaled Elsaadany, Senior Expert - Education, Research & Innovation, Joint Technical Secretariat of the ENI CBC Med program. He congratulated the project for the excellent organization of the Cross-Border Brokerage Event. Then he presented the new updates required by the program for the financial evaluation and monitoring of the project.

Pr. Luigi ZENI, Lead Beneficiary, commended the consortium on their strong cooperation across both shores of the Mediterranean and noted the positive steps that have been made.

The entrepreneurship training courses continue to move forward, with sessions successfully completed each in Italy, Greece, Lebanon, and Tunisia

Further progress that was discussed includes producing three videos that will show the TRANSDAIRY Living Labs and their roles in supporting technology transfer among research, industry, and SMEs and innovation for the dairy value chain and supporting women and younger.

In the upcoming months, training activities will be designed to enhance the capacity of public authority staff, and specialized intermediaries for technology transfer, and twelve vouchers for cross-border spin-off establishment will be attributed to young innovators.

Looking forward, partners agreed on the new timeline and renewed commitment to work together towards enhancing the execution of the remained project activities.