TRANSDAIRY launches a Regional Call for specialized training for entrepreneurship


The University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli – UCLV –, lead beneficiary of the European project “TRANSDAIRY”, launches a regional call for specialized training sessions to promote and boost technology transfer from the Dairy Value Chain (DVC).

The purpose of the training is to provide intense business knowledge on innovation management, commercialization, competitive analysis, business model and financing. 

The call is open to residents of Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Lebanon with the following profile:

(i) PhD students, researchers and innovators working on research projects in the Dairy, ICT or Bio/Nano technologies industries;

(ii) human resources of Technology Transfer Offices and public authorities who are interested in commercializing their research and IP innovation projects, or individuals, members of an R&D transfer department (or similar role) in a private entity, public utility, industries, hubs or similar bodies; 

(iii) small entrepreneurs

(iv) innovators.

The selected participants will have several benefits and opportunities such as: access to the regional Specialized Training and opportunity to connect with key regional stakeholders; acess to a set of business and development skills and know-how by top notch experts; access to TRANSDAIRY project opportunities and network in the Mediterranean region;

At the end of the training, a qualified jury will select trainees to win a 500.00 € voucher (total gross amount)

The training sessions will be divided into four modules, every Thursday, starting on January 26, 2023.

The sessions will be online, except for the last one, which will be in presence.

Applications must be filled in, signed, and sent within January 20, 2023, to: .

Afterwards, applicants must register themselves to the TRANSDAIRY Open Collaborative Platform (OPC) on this link: enter the Forum of TRANSDAIRY ICT LIVING LAB@UCLV ITALY, introduce themselves and tell us their motivations to apply to our training.

For more information on how to participate in the training sessions visit the following link: