STAND Up!: MedWaves will join the agenda of the World Circular Economy Forum 2022 in Kigali (Rwanda).


Next Thursday December 8th, STAND Up! Lead Partner MedWaves will co-organize an Accelerator session at the upcoming World Circular Economy Forum 2022 in collaboration with UNIDOUNEPSWITCH to Green FacilityChatham House, and Circle Economy.

Primarily addressed to policy makers, business leaders and professionals, the session entitled “Increasing the circularity of fashion: What circular approaches can contribute to reducing the footprint of the textile and garment industry?” will focus on the necessary technical, social and commercial innovations supported by policy, education and changes in production and consumption practices.

The main topic of the session is part of the open worldwide discussion on the textile and clothing sector as being responsible for a significant percentage of global carbon emissions and being resource-intensive. In this context, circular business models and design can reduce the negative impacts of textile production and consumption by preserving its value, extending its life cycle and increasing the use of recycled materials.

The event will be organised in hybrid form (live and online) and it is possible to attend remotely the accelerator session by submitting the following form, no later than 6 December 12:00 PM CET.

Detailed Agenda of the session HERE