CLUSTER in Palestine is looking for a capitalization expert


The Business Women Forum - Palestine (BWF), Partner of the CLUSTER Project, is looking for a Capitalization Expert in Palestine. Interested applicants can submit their applications by 21 December 2022 (included) following the instructions in the Terms of Reference available here.

As part of CLUSTER, the design and implementation of a Capitalization Strategy is foreseen, developed in parallel to the development of key outputs (i.e., trainings, e-platform, and coaching for young people in a precarious situation, policy recommendations for an inclusive youth employment policy scheme, etc.).

The activity will cover all aspects of capitalization in the context of Palestine, namely identification of efficient and successful practices of the CLUSTER Project, transfer and sharing of its results with other relevant stakeholders and/or projects, networking and community building, advocacy and awareness raising.

In this sense, synergies with other projects (especially those funded by ENI CBC Med and developed under A.3.1 and A.1.1 priorities) and/or stakeholders will be exploited in order to ensure outreach, sustainability and long-term impact of the CLUSTER project´s results in Palestine.

The CLUSTER project aims to advance the social inclusion of young people and women in the Mediterranean region. For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.