TRANSDAIRY: Researchers and entrepreneurs pitch their project ideas to develop the dairy value chain in Tunisia


The Higher School of Engineers of Medjez El Bab (ESIM), TRANSDAIRY project partner organized on April 29 and 05 May 2022, two online pitch halfway sessions devoted to support young researchers and entrepreneurs who achieved their first month of entrepreneurship training which has focused on design-thinking, entrepreneurship, and spin-off creation.  

During these meetings, the candidates have showcased their projects' ideas on the application of Bio, Nano, and ICT technologies solutions applied in Dairy Value Chain (DVC) and their developed Business model Canvas.

Then, the focus group experts have evaluated the content in order to make their ideas reality. They have given them advices and recommendations concerning:  weaknesses and strengths of their projects, market challenges and opportunities, how to develop an attractive business model…

The participants have appreciated the debates and they have found that it has been an exciting and fruitful experience for them to share their research projects and discuss with experts to provide them a clear vision for the future pathway.

This was an important opportunity for our future entrepreneurs to learn how to QUICKLY get the potential investor's attention. It let them know how to present effectively what they have and what they are offering to get them to say… “Tell me more!!”

Keep going !!