WORLD TOURISM DAY - New destinations, products and opportunities to restart tourism in the Mediterranean: join our webinar on 27 September

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Watch the webinar on Zoom: (webinar starts at 11.00 AM CET)

The webinar will also be live streamed on the ENI CBC Med Programme YouTube account at  the following link

Every year on 27th September, the World Tourism Organization, a United Nations agency, celebrates the World Tourism Day. This year, while the tourism sector tries to restart after two hard years, the focus will be on inclusive growth

By inclusive growth, we mean developing the tourism sector while it benefits to everyone including those who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic effects: women, young people, marginalized groups and the most vulnerable

At ENI CBC MED EU-programme, we support those people and strive to make sure that every funded project has a positive impact on local communities socially, economically and environmentally.

During a 1-hour event to take place on 27 of September 2021 from 11.00 to 12.00 (Rome time), you will have the opportunity to visit two stunning places which potential as tourism destination is being enhanced thanks to the efforts of ENI CBC Med funded projects:

  • The artisanal salinas of Anfeh (أنفه), located in North Lebanon, which revitalization and business diversification through the MedArtSal also involves sustainable tourism development;
  • The village of Battir along the Palestinian Heritage Trail in Palestine where the CROSSDEV project is actively working to boost tourism attractiveness and associate local communities in benefitting from tourism-related income.  

In the second part, we will engage with young people who are currently developing or have developed new and innovative products to upgrade tourism experience and are being supported by the MED GAIMS and MEDST@RTS projects:

  • Kevin Hani (Lebabon), co-founder of TripnTap website for outdoor activities;
  • Sondos Al Rqibat, co-creator of the Gadara Spinner, a board game which immerses players in the history and heritage of the archological site of Umm Qais, Jordan;
  • Claudia Tola (Italy), co-founder of TourMyTable, a platform to connect locals and tourists through food.

Finally, we will hear from the (financial) opportunities of the MEDUSA and Med Pearls projects to support tourism operators and entrepreneurs

Be surprised by a different Mediterranean and register now.

The human desire to travel and explore is universal, which is why tourism must be open for everyone to enjoy. So too must the many social and economic benefits that tourism brings be available to everybody. World Tourism Day 2021 highlights the power of ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’.