AQUACYCLE posts significant increases on all social media accounts and project website


Among the 41 ENI CBC Med funded standard projects, AQUACYCLE posted the highest number of uploads to the project website. Uploads to the project website during the second period of 12 months reached 113. Added to the 46 uploads during the first period of 12 months, the aggregate total of AQUACYCLE uploads by the end of November 2021 reached 159 uploads, which is 16.5% above the target of 96 (4 per month) set by the Managing Authority.

The number of users of the AQUACYCLE project website increased from 6.081 for the first period, to 6.782 for the second period.

The most visited page on the AQUACYCLE  website during the last 12 months is the opinion piece brought by the team at Lebanese University, which calls on the dire situation in the country’s water and sanitation sector, and which can be accessed through this link.

Furthermore, AQUACYCLE registered significant increases in the number followers on its dedicated social media accounts, as shown in the next table

AQUACYCLE Social Media Accounts

Followers April 2021

Followers January 2022

% followers increase


862 1,067 24%


412 722 75%


548 943 72%

Followers on Facebook and LinkedIn are respectively just above/just below the 1000 mark. The most significant percentage increases in followers were reached on Twitter, followed by LinkedIn.

Aside from the above statistics which were kindly shared by the Managing Authority on 11 February 2022, we also wish to take this opportunity to add that the AQUACYCLE Channel on YouTube has now reached almost 1500 views with an aggregated watch time of more than 36 hours.

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With our sincere thanks to all our followers!