AQUACYCLE participates in International Seminar on Social Innovation & Inclusion


AQUACYCLE looks forward to present its social innovation & inclusion dimension at an international event organized by the ENI CBC Med funded MEDTOWN project on January 26, 2022 between 09:00 and 11:30 am CET. To join us, please register (free-of-charge) via this link.

In parallel to a ‘technological push’ to promote the uptake of AQUACYCLE’s low-cost, eco-innovative wastewater treatment system, addressed to investors, treatment plant operators and decision-makers, AQUACYCLE’s communication strategy assigns an equal importance to create an ‘awareness pull’ towards the new technology. The latter is foremost addressed to the local communities around AQUACYCLE’s pilot-demonstration sites in Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia who will be actively involved in the drawing up of action plans for the reuse of treated effluent through the use of Participatory GIS.

A 3 minute video clip on AQUACYCLE’s main achievements to date, its social innovation dimension, and the outcome of a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Analysis of the local governance framework with respect to water and sanitation in Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia can be accessed on the MEDTOWN project platform through this link. The MEDTOWN project employs the Community of Practice (CoP) as its main tool for people-to-people communication in the project. It provides a space for inspiration, mutual e-learning and interactions on social innovation in the co-production of social services, as well as a vehicle for policy dialogue with critical reflections among professionals in the public social sector, local policy, citizenship and research in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). It is foreseen that in the longer term, the CoP will be linked with other CoPs in the field of sustainable communities and eco-social innovation.

AQUACYCLE fully endorses the philosophy of the MEDTOWN project and wishes to thank Ms Georgia Karavangeli, MEDTOWN Project Coordinator and Ms Esperanza Castro Arillo, MEDTOWN Communication Coordinator for having invited AQUACYCLE to join in this international event. Together we are stronger!

MEDTOWN Project platform - Homepage accessed on 24 January 2022