AQUACYCLE – My Autobiography – Meeting my family in Rome


I was overjoyed to meet so many of my family members on the occasion of a Training for Lead Beneficiaries event organized over 2 days in Rome.

It was still dark when we had left Thessaloniki on our way to Rome via Athens, and yet, we only made it on time for the ice-breaking session… by skipping lunch. 

To begin with, all my family members that had gathered at the Angelicum Congress Centre in the very heart of Rome were asked to be introduced to one another in just 30 seconds!

My manager, Dr. Konstantinos Plakas from CERTH was among the very first to step under the clock in which these 30 seconds ticked away mercilessly, but as I was holding my breath, I must admit he did a rather brilliant job at introducing me!

In the interactive weaving session that followed, it came as no surprise that I was firmly bonded with the closest of my family members: MEDISS, MENAWARA, NAWAMED and PROSIM. We proudly have in common the emblem that shows a water drop in emerald colour to signify we have water efficiency at heart. Yet, by the end of the weaving session, not a single member of my family present for the event was left out. This was weaving at its best, and a great opportunity for networking among all our respective creators!

Among the trainers at the event, a clearly widely travelled journalist in the Mediterranean Region and beyond, delivered an emphatic plea on the importance of adopting a story telling approach when communicating… so I can safely admit that it gave me the idea to take her message literally … I am bringing my story here to share it with everyone!

Alas, there was again little time for proper goodbyes. Instead, I found myself rushed off to Fiumicino airport where I was to board the early evening flight to Malta. I could vouch another activity must be taking place on the archipelago in the centre of the Mediterranean which is calling for my presence, but for sure it was kept a secret from me for the time being.

In the meantime, most welcome if you could share my Rome photo album with colleagues and friends!