AQUACYCLE awards tender for constructed wetlands in Spain


On 29 April 2021, representatives from the Regional Entity for Wastewater Sanitation and Treatment in Murcia (ESAMUR) in the AQUACYCLE partnership and of the Spanish company Riegos Murcia S.L. met up at the Blanca Wastewater Treatment Plant to officially launch the start-of-works for the construction of two wetlands which will be added to the existing plant.

The top of the anaerobic reactor outlet at the Blanca wastewater treatment facility served as a ‘table’ for the signing of the award-of-tender contract by both parties.

The constructed wetlands will be connected to an existing anaerobic reactor and an experimental solar reactor for which a separate tender has been issued. Their construction is foreseen to completed within 3 months.

The constructed wetlands according the design shown above will be built in the area to the left of the access road to the Blanca wastewater treatment facility.

The 3 components of AQUACYCLE’s eco-innovative wastewater treatment system consist of: (1) an anaerobic digestion unit, (2) one or more constructed wetlands and (3) a solar treatment reactor for water disinfection and the photocatalytic oxidation of persistent organic pollutants.

ESAMUR had received 4 offers for the tender to construct two subsurface flow wetlands at the Blanca Wastewater Treatment Plant, which was launched in February 2021.

The tender was awarded to Riegos Murcia, S.L., for the amount of 70.568,41 € (including VAT).