Analyzing the social care models in the Mediterranean: TEC-MED project starts interviews with experts


TEC-MED has started to analyse the social care models of the different countries participating in the project. In relation to this task, more than 10 researchers from Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt have been holding interviews with relevant people of the social care area.

The choice of interviewees has been based on their career, experience, knowledge on this subject, taking into account the representation of different sectors and levels of management. All of them have answered questions referring to the current social care model, examples of promising initiatives of social care already developed in Mediterranean Partner Countries and in the EU, personal considerations about the dependence situation among elderly, and experiences throughout their professional life. More than one hour with each interviewee offers important material that will be very useful for the whole project in view of the development of the an intervention framework to improve the services provided by social enterprises to elderly people having economic and social integration difficulties.

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