The Amman Chamber of Industry organizes the First Open Day and Workshop to present the CLUSTER4GREEN project

ACI, Fadel Labadi

Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) organized the first  open day and  workshop on November 14, 2022  to launch the ENI CBC MED European project “CLUSTER4GREEN” at the main headquarter building of ACI located in Amman, Jordan.

The first open day started with an opening session at which Dr. Nael Al Husami – General Manager of ACI delivered key note remarks at which  he indicated that international policies tackling climate change and reduction of carbon emissions will impact on competitiveness of national industries to export to the regional and international markets . Therefore, Amman Chamber of Industry joined Cluster4Green Project in order to build the capacity of Jordanian industries to be among the main actors and drivers  to transform the national economy to green economy, as well as to overcome  challenges of high production cost and high energy cost through exchange expertise  with project partners from the Countries: Italy, France, Spain , Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia towards adopting best practices and solutions in the areas such as efficient use of resources, waste management and recycling. Dr. Al Husami added that Jordan’s Economic Vision tackled sustainability among its main pillars and  targets to increase Jordan’s ranking to be within the highest 20% of international environmental performance indicator, also within the highest 40% of international sustainability indicator, and ACI hope that the Cluster4Green project will contribute to achieving the national vision and goals towards transforming to green economy.

Then, Eng. Fadel Labadi - ACI Project local manager & Manager of Industrial Development Department/ ACI delivered a presentation  about the  Cluster4Green Project highlighting main overview and objectives , target outcomes main phases and plans . 

The first workshop took place after the opening session , where ACI staff delivered several presentations.   Eng. Rose Smadi – Head of Quality and Environment Section at Industrial Development Department delivered a presentation  about establishing the national network joined by public and private stakeholders,  targeting achieving the Cluster4Green Project objectives and development of the sustainable development policies, the presentation highlighted the objectives of the network , main methodology , categories of members invited to  join the network, main contents of  the announcement required to be signed by  the stakeholders in order to join  the network . Furthermore, Eng. Smadi delivered a second  presentation about the  capacity and training program that  the project will organize for both  stakeholders and SMEs.

Finally, Mr. Amin Al Asoufi – Manager of the Economic Research and Studies Department/ ACI  and Eng. Bashar Qteashat – Head of the Advisory and Technical Support Section at Industrial  Development Department/ ACI delivered a presentation about the proposed plan and methodology to launch a national framework that aims to provide incentives for the industrial sector to adopt measures of  sustainable development and green economy. The presentation highlighted the concept of circular economy , national and international indicators of sustainability  then a brief overview about an impact rating tool  of sustainable investments.

Discussion , question and answers sessions took place at which several issues and views were exchanged among participants and speakers.