Advancing Egypt's renewable energy sector: insights from #SOLEnergyTALKS


The #SOLEnergyTALKS event, held on May 14, 2023, provided a platform for experts, policymakers and stakeholders to discuss the future of energy-efficient public buildings in Egypt. With a focus on achieving sustainable energy targets and climate goals by 2035, the event resulted in valuable recommendations for advancing Egypt's renewable energy sector.

The event started with a session on SOLE's pilot projects (a series of energy requalification interventions across the Mediterranean) and on the ACT GREEN campaign, which aims to promote energy saving behaviours in public buildings. Dr Ahmed Hossam from Alexandria University shared insights on these initiatives. The subsequent panel discussion emphasized the importance of raising awareness and encouraging positive behaviour among users of public buildings, intending to promote sustainable choices and energy conservation in daily life.

The discussions at #SOLEnergyTALKS led to several key recommendations for propelling Egypt's renewable energy sector forward. The experts recommend to implement training initiatives and capacity-building programs for technicians and policymakers. These programs would facilitate the adoption of energy-efficient practices and ensure the incorporation of sustainable measures in public buildings.

The event also highlighted a need for implementing already existing policy tools, a stronger legislative framework, simplification of bureaucratic procedures, and overcoming accessibility barriers for public administrations. To address these challenges, it was suggested to foster collaboration between public and private actors and establish local sustainable communities. 

Governance issues were underscored during the discussions, emphasizing the importance of integrated planning and a multisectoral approach. The integration of sustainable goals into the missions of both public and private entities was recommended. Furthermore, internal training programs were proposed to encourage integrated planning approaches encompassing energy systems, green spaces, water and mobility.

The #SOLEnergyTALKS event served as a valuable platform for experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss energy-efficient public buildings in Egypt. The recommendations put forth, including the implementation of training programs, revising regulations, fostering collaboration, and providing tailored support for the renewable energy sector, provide a roadmap for advancing Egypt's renewable energy goals.

By acting upon these recommendations, Egypt can address existing weaknesses, strengthen its renewable energy sector, and make substantial progress towards a sustainable and energy-efficient future. The insights shared during the event offer valuable guidance to policymakers and stakeholders, enabling them to actively contribute to Egypt's sustainable energy targets and climate goals by 2035, thanks to the SOLE project cofinanced by ENI CBC MED programme.