The 2nd Workshop to Discuss Designing Strategies about circular Economy was launched by CLUSTER4GREEN


Alex, Egypt – (December 6, 2022) The Federation of Egyptian Industries has organized the second workshop to discuss designing strategies and how to stimulate the industrial sector to adopt circular business models “CBM” and how organizations can create, offer and deliver value for all interested parties.

The Federation of Egyptian Industries is participating as one of the implementers of the project “promoting Innovative clusters and value chain of SMEs for sustainable development-CLUSTER4GREEN”. 

Various attendees were there representing industrial incubators working in the circular economy, representatives from different universities and Ministry of Environment, also Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and SMEs.

With its benefit-to-organization model, Circular economy business model canvas was the main discussed topic on how to generate solutions and real opportunities from new business models, value chain analysis, saving sources and money.

Also, for SMEs a training content will be delivered for deeper comprehension of the Circular Economy and its opportunities, methodology will be deployed considering the most effectiveness tools from the EMBRACE Toolkit to the Custer4Green BOOST process to capitalize further in next steps of Cluster4Green Project.

As a result, attendees discussed circular business models and the different characteristics from managing resources in a more efficient way to applying innovative technology that outstands in the market which is the core characteristics of the circular economy.

After a fruitful discussion an important milestone was achieved as 11 stakeholders signed the MOU at the end of the workshop.

More support will be provided to the participating parties & SMEs in the upcoming trainings elaborating on how to design and implement the circular business model and make the most of it.

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