Youth speaking the universal language of sustainability: meet Ahmed and Mai, two participants in INVESTMED business management training


This article originally appeared on TESIM website. 

They already speak the universal language of sustainability and responsibility: Ahmed (Tunisia) and Mai (Egypt) have joined the business management programme created by the INVESTMED project, and they are ready to share their experience about it. Training youth with the necessary skills to be part of a sustainable and competitive economy, is at the core of the project intervention, especially focusing on the green, blue and creative economy in Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon.

The Mediterranean region is facing important challenges: the small and medium enterprises need to innovate to remain competitive and ensure a sustainable existence. At the same time, greening the economy and enhancing the rich value of the natural Mediterranean assets can provide new opportunities and bring environmental benefits to the region. It is at this crossroad of challenges where INVESTMED plays a major role as a hinge between the environmental interests and the economic opportunities.

With this objective in mind, the INVESTMED project – implemented in the framework of the ENI CBC MED programme – is working on several action lines. On one hand, launching a business management programme to provide practical, hands-on knowledge and expertise to current and potential entrepreneurs on how to introduce sustainability in their enterprises and business ideas. The training cycles teach young people and women to start and run a successful business in the green and blue economy or in the cultural and creative industry, thereby contributing to a sustainable economy and the creation of jobs.


At the end of the training programme, there was a teamwork to present a buisiness case: it was like discovering a new world of people speaking a universal language of sustainibility and responsablity. 

Following the course, the trainees have access to a dedicated platform to facilitate the share of knowledge, resources and to promote cross-border collaboration within the entrepreneur community in the Mediterranean region. The trainings are complemented by seminars that bring together experts from around the Euro-Mediterranean region to share real-life experiences and lessons of business management in fields like energy transition, human-centred business models or circular economy.

I am eager to learn more and I am not afraid anymore to encounter people from different cultures. I am going to be an effective and active part of the community that now I feel I belong to. 

Furthermore, the INVESTMED project is offering direct grants to support new, sustainable businesses in key sectors such as blue, green economy and cultural and creative industries, with a special focus on young people and women in the Southern Mediterranean. Almost 40 small businesses in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia will benefit from this direct financial support to become more competitive, improve their sustainability and their capacity to innovate and implement internationalisation strategies.

This way, the INVESTMED project intends to produce a tangible and long-lasting impact, fostering sustainable growth and economic development in the region.

Watch the video interview with Ahmed and Mai