YEP MED in Tunisia is looking for an external auditor


Within the framework of YEP MED project, the Office for the Merchant Navy and Ports (Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports - OMMP)  launches a call for tenders for the selection of an external auditor for the audit of all the expenses incurred for the implementation of this project, in accordance with the technical and administration specifications of the ENI CBC Med programme, the applicable laws and the present tender.

The successful auditor must be a chartered accountant or a chartered accountancy firm that is a member of the Tunisian Order of Chartered Accountants (Ordre des Experts Comptables de Tunisie). For accounting firms, the team must include at least one member who is a chartered accountant. The participant must not, on the closing date for receipt of tenders, be performing special tasks related to monitoring, organisation, accounting or consultancy in the organisation concerned.

Only accountants and accountancy firms whose names appear on the list held at the level of the General Control of Public Services at the Presidency of the Government of Tunisia, designated as the Contact Point, may participate in the selection procedure.

The tender will consist of the tasks to prepare:

-       The 1st report at the end of the 1st year (November 2021)

-       The 2nd report at the end of the 2nd year, (November 2022)

-       The final report will be at the end of the 3rd year. (November 2023)

The audit of expenditure refers to the implementation of procedures relating to financial implementation as set out in the project's grant contract. The auditor will receive a copy of the Grant Contract and a note on the project budget to gain a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions of the contract and its annexes and information relevant to its terms of reference. The Contractor shall personally carry out the above tasks while using the personnel of its structure and equipment of its property.

Application procedure

Accountants or accountancy firms must send their files by post or hand them in directly to the beneficiary's central registry office against a receipt, at the following address

Bâtiment Administratif OMMP - la Goulette 2060

The deadline for receipt of tenders is 25 May 2022 at 11:00, the stamp of the order office being taken as proof.

Tenders received after the above-mentioned date and time will not be taken into consideration.

The tender shall be submitted in a single stage. It includes the technical and financial offer, as well as all the documents requested. Any bid that does not meet the above conditions will be excluded.

The participant submits the tender together with the documents required for the presentation of the of the application.

The envelope should be marked with the following specification

Sélection d’un Auditeur pour L'Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports / partenaire tunisien dans le cadre du projet YEPMED


« A ne pas ouvrir avant la séance d’évaluation. »


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