Valuing water: ENI CBC Med Programme joins NAWAMED project to mark World Water Day


Every year, UN-Water coordinates the United Nations international observances on freshwater and sanitation, including the World Water Day to take action to tackle the water crisis on 22 March.

Under the theme of valuing water, the World Water Day 2021 campaign is generating a global, public conversation on social media about how people value water for all its uses. 

The aim of UN-Water is to create a more comprehensive understanding of how water is valued by different people in different contexts in order to safeguard this precious resource for everyone.

The central narrative of the campaign is designed to encourage people to contribute with their stories, thoughts and experiences on the value of water. Under the leadership of NAWAMED, ENI CBC Med projects dealing with water - AQUACYCLE, MEDISS, MENAWARAPROSIM - decided to share their stories and commitments around one key message: the value of water is much more than its price.

SVI.MED.onlus (EuroMediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development), responsible for NAWAMED communication, decided to launch a social campaign coordinating all the partners and inviting the other ENI CBC Med water projects to share their thoughts and feelings on the value of water through short videos and posters.

The NAWAMED campaign was highlighted in Corriere della Sera, Italy's most read newspaper, thanks to the partnership between the ENI CBC Med Programme and the Union for the Mediterranean, an intergovernmental institution bringing together 42 countries to promote dialogue and cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Read the article here

With 17 videos and 10 posters, shared through Twitter and Facebook and promoted on the World Water Day website of UN-Water, SVI.MED. brought powerful messages from Mediterranean stakeholders on the value of water.

Beyond the messages, ENI CBC Med relevant projects promotes concrete solutions to preserve and reuse water, fostering the use of Non-Conventional Water, such as: eco-innovative wastewater treatment technologies for the cost-effective treatment of urban wastewater; public-private cooperation and investment for upscaling modern water solutions at farm level; recycling and use drainage and runoff water, rationalizing water use practices and setting operational governance models; Nature-Based Solutions to replace the use of potable water with good quality Non-Conventional Water, etc..

The cooperation between the 5 ENI CBC Med project dealing with water - i.e. NAWAMEDAQUACYCLE, MEDISS, MENAWARA and PROSIM - is highlighted in a common video available here.

Talking about the innovative solutions - green walls for water purification - that NAWAMED is testing in a school of Sicily (Italy), the mayor of Ferla said: 

I believe that the message of sustainability and innovation that we will send to the new generations is one of the most important features of NAWAMED project.

By launching this campaign, NAWAMED also aims at delivering a strong message for the future generations: all of us must act daily to preserve one of our most valuable natural resources, water. 

Watch all the videos produced by NAWAMED on the occasion of the World Water Day in the library section of the project website and on its YouTube channel