WEF - CAP White Papers - Towards an Integrated Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach in Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia: Challenges and Recommendations


Societal adaptation to climate change in the EU-Mediterranean Partners Countries (EU-MPC) is becoming an imperative necessity. The need to efficiently administer energy/water resources and foster agricultural productivity through better policies is increasingly pivotal for social and economic growth and resilience.

The WEF-CAP project which advocates the importance of adopting a Water-Energy-Food Nexus (WEFN) integrated approach as a solution to address the WEF challenges produced white papers promoting specific initiatives and regulations to support the implementation of the WEFN approach in Jordan, Egypt & Tunisia (white paper on Tunisia will be available soon). 

These briefs provide concise documents identifying bottlenecks and suggesting solutions to help policy makers in these countries implementing the WEFN approach and drawing national strategies.

You can download the white papers produced by WEF-CAP Project following the links below.

Download here the White Paper of Jordan 

Download here the White Paper of Egypt

Download here the White Paper of Tunisia