U-SOLVE in Jordan concludes its training for young entrepreneurs and startuppers


    U-SOLVE's Capacity Building Plan in Jordan, organized by the Jordan University of Science and Technology and the Higher Council for Science and Technology, has successfully achieved its target Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as: number of Participants, knowledge and skills improvement, application of new knowledge and skills, improved quality of outputs, and provided comprehensive training to participants satisfying all the criteria of the evaluation grid of Step 1 of the U-SOLVE subgrant, including start-up entrepreneurs, business owners, and local authorities from the Mediterranean region. The training was conducted in two places (Amman and Irbid) in February 2023.

The training modules covered a variety of topics related to the development of a start-up, including business model canvas, business revenue model, design thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, market research, market segmentation, beachhead market strategy, including branding and digital marketing, competition, and much more.

There was face-to-face and one-to-one training. U-SOLVE conducted 32 days of training for youth graduates and women, with an average attendance of 55–60 participants.

The U-SOLVE team worked tirelessly to ensure that the training sessions were informative, engaging, and practical. The team is encouraged by the positive feedback they have received from the participants and is confident that the skills and knowledge they have gained will have a lasting impact on their professional development.