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Thanks to its research activities and initiatives to support those who want to transform their ideas into real business projects, U-SOLVE has been working on the
creation of opportunities for business, especially for young people who care
about the environment and sustainable development in urban areas.

For all of them and for the whole community built around the project, we decided to kick off the U-SOLVE newsletter: a periodic appointment where you can find the latest news,
opportunities and national updates on the project, thematic insights, online and offline
events, moments dedicated to training, consulting and job opportunities.

The U-SOLVE project aims to create an ecosystem of business support and to help young people with promising ideas to overcome the traditional limitations that can be encountered in the start-up phase of an entrepreneurial activity or in scaling up their businesses.

The project will create experimental pathways for place-based strategies, suitable for Mediterranean countries, where entrepreneurial energy is geared towards sustainable and integrated territorial development.

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