U-SOLVE in Egypt organised the pitching event for urban development solutions


The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology , Egptian partner of U-SOLVE, hosted an event on October 16th, 2023, marking the online pitching event for U-SOLVE in Egypt.

The event showcased a diverse array of groundbreaking ideas that addressed pressing urban challenges in crucial sectors such as waste management, urban food systems, water, and renewable energy. Entrepreneurs from the region unveiled their innovative solutions, each aiming to make a substantial impact on urban sustainability.

More than 11 people partcipated in the event which featured an evaluation of seven compelling ideas by a professional committee, comprised of representatives from the public sector, private industry, academia, and non-governmental organizations, ensured a comprehensive assessment, incorporating diverse perspectives and expertise. The success of this multidisciplinary approach paved the way for the selection of five deserving awardees that will now move forward to further support their startups .

The announcement that these five outstanding ideas out of seven will be awarded grant of €10,000 through the U-SOLVE project marked the culmination of the event. This grant is designed to empower entrepreneurs, providing them with the means to further develop and implement their solutions.

As the five awardees embark on the thrilling journey of bringing their concepts to life, the U-SOLVE project remains at the forefront of fostering collaboration and innovation.