U-SOLVE in Egypt completes the capacity building program for entrepreneurs


U-SOLVE partners in Egypt, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, have successfully completed 11 sessions of the U-SOLVE capacity building program during July and August 2023, This training was provided as step 1 of the U-SOLVE sub grant to 52 projects that were previously selected for the U-SOLVE sub grant call for entrepreneurs to prepare them for step 2 of the sub grant application.

This comprehensive start-up training program was designed to empower a diverse group of participants with an average attendance of 20-30 participants, including aspiring start-up entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners. Over the course of the program, 52 projects delved into a wide range of topics, equipping themselves with invaluable skills and knowledge to excel in their entrepreneurial journeys.

The training covered a plethora of essential topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of key business aspects. Participants immersed themselves in the intricacies of the Business Model Canvas and Business Revenue Model, enabling them to build strong foundations for their ventures.

Moreover, the program emphasized the importance of Design Thinking and Creative Thinking, fostering innovation and problem-solving abilities among the participants. By embracing these concepts, they will be well-prepared to tackle challenges and develop creative solutions in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The training also placed a special emphasis on Market Research, Market Segmentation, and Beachhead Market Strategy. Participants gained insights into identifying target audiences, developing effective branding and digital marketing strategies, and understanding their competitive landscape. These skills will undoubtedly give them a competitive edge in the dynamic business world.

There was a lot of positive feedback received from the participants, and we are preparing 13 projects for step 2 of the U-SOLVE subgrant application.