Tunisia: TEC-MED project workshop to share results in the fields of aging and social care .

This workshop entitled “TEC-MED project: Progress and challenges in the Pilot and the Capitalization Plan” with stakeholders is the 3rd of the four workshops in the TEC-MED project. The international workshops are organized with the collaboration of stakeholders from TEC-MED partner country institutions to care for dependent elderly and/or at risk of social exclusion. 

Different aspects of the project are shared between participants and capitalize on the potential of networking. The aim of these international workshops is to make the knowledge and results generated by the TEC-MED project more accessible and visible for all involved actors, mainly project partners and a wide range of stakeholders in the aging and social care field. The ultimate objective will be to raise skills awareness and improve communication of results in the field of social and health care for elderly people.

The general objective is to exchange the state of advances of the TEC-MED project with key stakeholders and to update the capitalization plan.

The specific objectives are to discuss the following TEC-MED project activities:

  • State of play and challenges of the TEC-MED Model implementation;
  • TEC-MED Model validation and certification; 
  • update of social aspects of the capitalization plan according to activities achieved during the last six months.

The 3rd International Workshop will be held on July 27th, 2022. If you are interested in attending send an email to

The 3rd International Workshop will be held face-to-face in Tunis (Tunisia). Web conferencing will be available for those mong partner countries and their stakeholders who wish to attend the meeting virtually.


Plenary session



Welcome session

Introduction of the objectives and agenda



The implementation of TEC-MED model: Follow-up and discussion



Contributions from the pilot: final beneficiary and caregiver experience



TEC-MED Model validation and certification: Follow-up



Coffee Break


Update of social aspects of the capitalization plan


Parallel sessions 

(Tunis time)




Parallel session (online): Next steps

Challenges and how to overcome them


Plenary session 

(Tunis time)




Conclusion and closure of the workshop wrap-up and closing of the online session with key stakeholders



Our Elders matter. Their stories



Lunch for everybody

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