Tunisia: PROSIM selects an engineer and an administrative assistant

The Tunisian partner of PROSIM project, the "Ministry of Agriculture, Hydric Resources and Fishery of Tunisia-General Directorate of Agricultural Engineering and Exploitation of Water Resources - Direction Générale du Génie Rural et de l'Exploitation des Eaux (DG/GREE)", has recently published the procedure for the selection of an engineer ("ingénieur en Génie Rural") and an administrative assistant.

Applications can be received until August 20, at 10.00 am, Tunisian time.

The PROSIM project (“Promoting Sustainable Irrigation Management and non-conventional water use in the Mediterranean”) aims to reduce pressure on water resources by implementing improved irrigation solutions that ensure an increased water-use efficiency and a larger use of non-conventional water. The activities to be implemented in Tunisia have the objective of becoming a scalable practice for local farmers in order to increase the productivity of their crops, while reducing water resource use.

For any query or information regarding the procedure please contact the responsible contact person:

Rhaiem Nabil

Ingénieur principal à la Direction Générale du Génie Rural et de l'Exploitation des Eaux (DG/GREE)

Chef service à la direction d'économie d'eau

mail : rehaiem.nabil@yahoo.fr

Tel : 00216 22177463