Tunisia: PROSIM project was awarded by the Austrian Foundation Energy Globe with the prize to the project of the year 2022

Bilel Haouat, professional photographer

Last Thursday PROSIM project team from Lead Beneficiary, Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria (ICU), was honoured with the Energy Globe Award 2022 in Tunisia to the best innovative and sustainable project of the year in the country. PROSIM project was selected winner among all the candidates in Tunisia of the 23rd edition of this award of the Energy Globe Foundation from Austria.

“The Goal of the award is the presentation of innovative and sustainable projects to a broad global audience as there are many great and implemented solutions to most of our environmental problems available.”

PROSIM has been awarded on the category of water thanks to the great work our partners in five countries around the Mediterranean are doing to fight scarcity through 9 innovative solutions and to developpe systems to better manage water resources. 

The prize was delivered by the Ambassador of the Austrian Embassy in Tunisia, Ms. Ulla-Krauss Nussbaumer, the First Counsellor of the Italian Embassy, Mr. Tommaso Sansone and the Director of the Austrian Economic Office in Tunisia, Mr. Sami Ben Ayed to the Project Coordinator, Agostino Picchioni.

PROSIM team prepared a small video for the ceremony with the participation of 3 of our partners (Tunisia, Jordan and Spain) around the Mediterranean to explain the importance of the project in these different territories that we are happy to share with you now on our LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/prosimeu_small-presentation-prosim-project-activity-7008021742312919041-Q6BV?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

On behalf of all the partners of the PROSIM project, ICU PROSIM team would like to thank again the Energy Globe Foundation for this award, the Austrian Economic Office in Tunis for the organisation of the ceremony and the Austrian and Italian Embassies in Tunis for their assistance and the presentation of the award to the PROSIM project coordinator.

And, of course, the project partners would like to thank once again the European Union and the ENI CBC MED programme for having given us the opportunity to carry out this project that seeks to respond to these shared problems in the north and south of the Mediterranean, which are fresh water scarcity and increasing hydric stress due to increasing population, water exploitation for domestic/economic uses, climate change.

We will be posting more content in the coming days about the ceremony and the award we are so proud of.