Traveling with CROSSDEV: the Meditation Trail in the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, Lebanon


A few weeks ago, the Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa (APJM), CROSSDEV’s Lebanese partner, invited its board members to spend a day in the reserve and explore the new “Adonis Meditation Trail”. A look back at that day will let us virtually travel to those amazing places and get organized for a real trip. Let’s get started!

APJM board members and a view of the Adonis Valley, Lebanon

The group gathered at Qehmez entrance, where Pierre Doumet, president of APJM, briefly explained the itinerary of the day and the main aim of the visit: testing a new experience that mixes two activities - hiking and yoga/meditation - that are a healing for the mind and the body.

They started the day with a guided hike by senior guide Elie Khalil, passing by the Peony Trail to reach the new Meditation Trail. Walking among the “turkey oak” trees, the participants were amazed by the autumn vibes and the serenity of the nature.

Amidst the wonderful scenery of a majestic mountain, flows a most exquisite trail, baptized as the Meditation Trail, that carries you away even further in your thoughts; as far as you can comprehend peacefulness and experience beauty.

Two locations, suitable for mediation, have been set: an open plane enclosed by wooded hills, nearby the expected platform overlooking the mythical Adonis valley; and a circular flat plane, previously used for traditional charcoaling, surrounded by moss-covered rocks.

During this testing day, CROSSDEV Field Officer Chadi Zouein, took the chance to assess other bits of the path that need further clearing and soft opening, and showed the group the location where the “view point” platform towards the Adonis gorge will be installed.

The two meditation points, Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, Lebanon

The group continued along the “Violet Trail” to reach Broqta valley, where they encountered a group of people practicing yoga.

After a 3-hour walk, we stopped and shared an energetic yoga session for an hour… this experience enhances the beauty surrounding us.

Yoga session in the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, Lebanon

Back to Broqta village, they enjoyed a traditional homemade lunch at Lara’s guesthouse, and shared their thoughts on this new tourism product, which will be included as “Meditational Experience” in the CROSSDEV itinerary and tourist package.

Une montagne féerique et magique, il ne manquait que les fées et lutins. En fin de journée, retour au passé romain, pour boire le vin à la mémoire de Bacchus et au succès de l’association.


It was a fruitful visit after several previous field visits. The board members were impressed by the natural sceneries along the trail as well by the activities that will take place there.

Lunch time after the trail, Lebanon

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