Tourists limited from physically being in a site could be immersed in it: Holoportation technology application in MED GAIMS promises that


In an interview, Mohamad Hjeij, Media Team Software Engineer at i2CAT Foundation-Spain, explained his view of the MED GAIMS project and his role in implementing the project games.

●    What role did you play in the MED GAIMS project?

I participated in the games’ implementation, such as programming the engines of the games and embedding the Holoportation technology within the VR games. Also, I performed, with the other members of the team, demos around all countries involved in the project.

●    How challenging was the integration of Holoportation in a video game?

Holoportation technology allows performing holo-meet sessions between users all around the world. Still, since the kick-off of MED GAIMS, we always had the idea of taking gamification in touristic sites to another level. This is a level where multiplayers are involved in a game  with a realistic sensations of seeing and hearing. This task was the most important in developing the games. Achieving this goal was the most challenging because it was an innovative gamification approach. 
●    How does it feel to be immersed inside a video game?

I always remember my first sensation of being immersed in a virtual environment, but what makes the experience more realistic is being able to see your partner within the environment, as if you were together. Amazingly, many times we forget that we are immersed.

●    Being immersed in a videogame offers new ways to experience a site. Do you think that Holoportation could increase visitors' engagement with site’s history and culture?

True, Holoportation is a new technology, and metaVerse projects are playing a role is speeding up its applications. Tourists who are limited from physically be in a site could be immersed in the site.

●    As a researcher, what would you identify as the best practice that you have learned during MED GAIMS?

Well, thanks to MED GAIMS, we have in hand a new use case of Holoportation which I would call HOLO-GAMIFICATION.