Tourism: meet RESTART MED! subgrants beneficiaries in Catalonia


In September, RESTART MED! Project launched a call for grants for companies to promote their existing sustainable tourism products. Today, we are happy to announce the implementation has finalized successfully.

The aim of the call was to provide financial support to visibility initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable tourism products and/or services, such as promotional videos, advertising campaigns or information points.

In concrete, the five beneficiaries in Catalonia have been:

Turismo Vivencial with its product Gastrosecrets: specialized in creating experiences across Spain and Portugal, Turismo Vivencial with this grant wants to promote the initiative Agency of Secrets, an innovative tool that enable tourists to experience the city of Vilanova I la Geltrù through 10 digital and virtual reality games.
You can learn more about this project at this link: 

Envall with Refugi Casa Bigodé: a cooperative shelter that promotes rural, local, sustainable, "slow" and solidarity tourism in the Vall Fosca, while offering a complete cultural agenda throughout the whole year but offering a multifaceted offer and dynamizing socially, artistically, and culturally the Pallars.
Find more about this amazing project at this link:

Riu a L’Ebre with Buda Path: Buda Path is a perfect tour which combine a guided route with bicycle and kayak activities.
The product promotes sustainable tourism and gives the possibility at the visitor to connect, explore and know the Delta while respecting its natural environment. 

Here you can find more information about the project: 

La Manreana: La Manreana is a family park that, through activities and attractions, wants to make families, and especially children, aware of the effort farmers make to produce food and raise awareness about the importance of this millenary trade. The main objective of their project is to achieve and explain to visitors the sustainability of their facilities.
Check out their website for more information:

Gymkana Digital Turistica: They offers totally free digital and face-to-face tourist routes to discover the cultural heritage of towns and cities in Catalonia in a unique and fun way. Each gymkana has a unique story that emphasizes socio-cultural aspects of the territory, transmit values to new generations, or stories that promote gender equality, enhance the value of women over time, or anecdotes from ancestors. The goal of each gymkana is to attract new visitors to destinations that generate economic development.
Feel free to learn more about it at this link: