Enrico Andreini


Tourism in the Mediterranean: the realities through FISH MED NET

The FISH MED NET will be holding an event in Imperia, Liguria (Italy) at the Infopoint in Oneglia known as the "Approdo" on June 30th, 2023. The event, which targets tourism institutions and agencies will disseminate the projects aims and efforts dsince its debut. The participants from the FISH MED NET partnership who will be attending will describe their journey in diversifying their primary fishing activity into the 4 different business models tourism, food transformation, acquaculture and service to communities. The intent of this event is to showcase how diverse the realities are throughout the Mediterranean all whilst all fishers aim for the same common goal: to sustainably diversify their livelihoods.

The dissemination session will conclude with a business event where tourism agencies and institutions can get directly in touch with the MSMEs in order to secure bonds that will develop into future business opportunities.  

The event will start at 10 am and conclude at 13 pm.

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