TheMedNew, a new cooperation and textile business platform powered by TEX-MED ALLIANCES

About one hundred people joined the launching event of TheMedNew Initiative, on the 5th of November in Barcelona. TheMedNew is framed in the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, one of the projects funded by the ENI CBC Med Program of the European Union, focused on the Mediterranean strategic alliances between companies and stakeholders of the textile sector in order to improve the competitiveness through innovation, internationalization, and sustainability.

During the launching event, the Technical Assistant Manager of the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, Mr. Francesco Pellizzari, defined the principles and why is necessary a platform as TheMedNew. He said: "once when a new industrial era was at her dawn, someone urged all Workers of the world to unite. Now that the industrial era is at dusk, leaving us a legacy of environmental and social problems, TheMedNew urges new entrepreneurs and new businesses to unite for a better future. At least in our activities, in our Mediterranean countries".

The presentation was organized by Texfor, leader of the initiative, and was attended by several TEX-MED ALLIANCES managers and collaborators. Among them, the expert in fashion marketing, Mr. Hani Mourad who explained the principal values that TheMedNew defends in its Manifesto: respect of Fundamental Human Rights and recognizing the efforts to create a Mediterranean space for dialogue and cooperation. In his word, "TheMedNew is the embodiment of different inputs that share common grounds for creativity in colors and styles, materials both natural and sustainable, and manufacturing skills apparent in its craftsmanship and attention to detail. TheMedNew is indeed an inspiration for unifying the common features of the Mediterranean lifestyle".

The young designers, Mais Daoud of the Jordanian brand, SheChocolate, the Greek, Konstantinos Tsigaros and the Catalan, Júlia G. Escribá, also participated in the event, as well as Massimo Morelli, director of the leading catwalk brand, Kevin Murphy, who wanted to congratulate the birth of TheMedNew from his workshop in Australia.

You can follow all the event by watching this video. Enjoy it!