TEX-MED Alliances - Three years boosting Textiles and Fashion in the Mediterranean

The TEX-MED Alliances project was launched in February 2020. Its main objective is to promote Mediterranean textile alliances for business development, internationalization, and innovation.

During its 3 years of implementation, TEX-MED ALLIANCES has worked intensively on the development of initiatives to promote 3 fundamental aspects: innovation, internationalization, and circular economy in the textile sector of the Mediterranean basin. To this end, 4 initiatives have materialized: 

  • Fashion Restart has created and registered TheMedNew, an umbrella brand, and platform for Mediterranean fashion. In just one year, it has managed to bring together 35 members, including designers and textile companies.
  • Circular Economy developed by the Leftovers Platform that offers a simple system for buying and selling fabric stocks. the Leftovers Facebook platform has reached almost 400 members, including 35 corporate accounts. Around 1000 posts have been published, including around 800 photos of fabrics.
  • Dyeing small batches: new machinery to help SMEs installed in the technological center Cettex in Tunisia.
  • Health Textile Digital Cluster: A knowledge platform for textile innovation.

This video explains the results through some of the companies that have bet on this project. Don't miss it!