TEX-MED ALLIANCES aims to revive the Mediterranean fashion/apparel sector through the "Fashion Re-start initiative"


The TEX-MED ALLIANCES project is launching the "Fashion Re-start initiative" to revive the fashion/apparel sector. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the restructuring of the industry at the global level: large retailers are closing many outlets; on-line sales are soaring and consumers are changing their behaviour. 

This initiative aims at identifying innovative business models through hthe development of alliances among manufacturers, designers and retailers for the development of new collections adapted to the Mediterranean markets. The idea is to launch collections designed by having in mind the climate, the colours and the culture of the Mediterranean. Fashion Re-start encompasses four specific initiatives:

  • Local Regional Brands, to create alliances between small producers and small retailers, where local designers/product developers will play a catalyst role;
  • Fashion Hubs Network, to provide fashion trends forecasting tools and develop specific training courses and presentations;
  • Technical Textiles for Mediterranean, to promote the use of technical textile to create comfortable summer wear garments;
  • New Memo, to drive the successful business models into a new shared brand characterized by top design, high comfort, natural/recycled materials and sustainable processes.

Do you want to become part of this initiative? We tell you how here.

Download the brochure on the "Fashion Re-start initiative"