TEX-MED ALLIANCES project launches the Leftovers platform, a digital meeting point for the supply and demand of textile stocks


The EU-funded project TEX-MED ALLIANCES has launched the digital platform Leftovers, based on a Facebook group, to promote the market between supply and demand of textile stocks. The launch of this new initiative took place during the Open Forum on Circular Economy in the textile sector, within the scope of the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, held on 8 June.

This virtual marketplace for textile stocks was conceived by the project TEX-MED ALLIANCES under the coordination of Confindustria Toscana Nord - Italian partner of the project and, within it, coordinator of the Circular Economy activities - to promote the commercialization of textile remnants that are difficult to place for sellers and difficult to find for potential customers.

Currently, the platform already hosts 800 items made available by some 42, Spanish, Greek, and Italian companies. Due to the interest shown by the conference participants, these figures are set to grow rapidly.

"The stock platform is an important and concrete contribution that the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project makes to the circular economy in the textile sector," says Susanna Leonelli, project coordinator. - "It is a clear example of an agreement of interests: on the one hand, textile companies make their products available outside their current sales channels; on the other hand, clothing companies can buy top quality fabrics, yarns, and textile accessories at very convenient prices.  However, the main interest that is satisfied is that of the environment: without a market, these items would run the risk of becoming waste. During the previous experience of the TEX-MED Clusters project, some positive contacts were established between Mediterranean companies regarding leftovers; now, with the new platform, we are making a qualitative leap by making these products available online, with continuity and very easy access".

Mr.  Lorenzo Incagli, Local Project Manager of Confindustria Toscana Nord, and Mr. Niccolò Corsi, Social Media Manager were those who explained details about the function of the Leftovers platform. This is the link to visit it: https://bit.ly/3vfQRpN

85 operators of the textile industry attended the web conference, coming from many Mediterranean countries: in addition to the platform for stocks, the experiences of six textile companies in four different countries were also presented as far as the circular economy is concerned. 

With this initiative, the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project starts a new phase of its implementation which was extremely difficult because of the actual pandemic.