TEX-MED ALLIANCES presents TheMedNew, a new business platform to boost the Mediterranean textile industry


Texfor, as leader of the EU-funded project 'TEX-MED ALLIANCES', organizes the presentation of TheMedNew, a new textile business platform in the Mediterranean basin, a space for creating alliances and stimulating cooperation. The event will take place the 5th of November, at 17:00h in Barcelona.

TheMedNew is a new business opportunity aimed at companies in the textile sector with values of sustainability and intercultural creativity in their process of international opening. Its main scope of action covers all the countries of the Mediterranean basin, with an impact on more than 200 million consumers.

Texfor's Technical Director, Mrs. Monica Olmos will welcome the attendees. The coordinator of the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, Mrs. Susanna Leonelli, will explain the initiatives that are currently being carried out. These initiatives are aimed at stimulating the textile industry in the Mediterranean basin. After this speech, The Technical Assistance Manager di TEX-MED ALLIANCES, Mr.Francesco Pellizzari  will explain the steps to be followed by the companies that wish to form part of the new platform. Mr. Vincent Ernoux, coordinator of the ENI CBC Med Branch office for the Western Mediterranean will also welcome the new initiative.

One of the distinctive features of the new TheMedNew platform is its Manifesto, a declaration of the values it is committed to adopt and materialise in its operation. Values such as sustainability, inclusive creativity, a lifestyle that respects and promotes human diversity and minorities, and a commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and targets promoted by the UN for the Mediterranean, as well as respect for the natural environment. 

Mr.Hani Mourad, international fashion, and marketing expert will present TheMedNew Manifesto during the launch event.

In addition to the speeches, designers such as the Catalan Júlia G. Escribá, the Jordan SheChocolate brand and the Greek brand, Konstantinos Tsigaros will also participate and Marta Coca, from 080 Barcelona Fashion will  take part.

The launch event of TheMedNew will be an international event as the partners of the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project are in Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan. So, the event will be broadcasted live on Youtube: https://youtu.be/LKRgNpZA6_8

During the event, a showroom with samples of some of the designs that can be found on TheMedNew platform will be open to the public.