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TEX-MED ALLIANCES - The new brand for sustainable fashion TheMedNew arrives to Jordan

Amman Chamber of Industry organizes the 4th in a series of TheMedNew Workshop & B2B meetings in Amman, Jordan on June 15 - 16, 2022 within the framework of the EU-funded project TEX-MED ALLIANCES.

The event, called TheMedNew: a new brand for sustainable fashion consists of two days of activities to promote the new brand among Jordanian companies involved in textile production and trade. 

On 15 June, a selected group of leading international professionals will share their knowledge on the importance of branding in textile production and retailing from the point of view of designers, producers, traders, and consumers. After the conferences, B2B meetings between attendees to facilitate communication and maybe future business. This session will be held in Four Seasons Hotel Amman.

The second day, 16 June, will be devoted to visiting several textile production and shopping establishments. In this case, the aim is for the attendees to see in situ the potential of Jordan in terms of clothing and fashion.

The invitation is open to companies and invitees from Jordan and the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project partner countries working in any part of the supply chain of the textile and clothing industry. 

To participate is mandatory to register at this LINK


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