TEX-MED ALLIANCES initiative 'TheMedNew' calls on retailers to join the new textile and fashion platform


TheMedNew wants to expand its field of action and influence to reach the final consumer of textile and fashion products in the Mediterranean.That is why it has decided to call or propose retailers, distributors, and fashion shops become part of the brand. This new textile and fashion platform and umbrella brand is one of the initiatives impulsed by the UE funded, TEX-MED ALLIANCES project. 

According to those responsible for TEX-MED ALLIANCES, "after the great success of Athens’ Fair in January 2022, and the event, Slow Living in the Mediterranean exhibition last april in Barcelona, we can now ensure that having TheMedNew brands and hangtags inside a shop is a guarantee of sustainability, social fairness, and respect for fundamental human rights principles".

The TheMedNew team thinks that nowadays the customer is more sensitive to human rights, gender equality, and sustainability principals. To enforce that idea, they qouote the latest statistics and studies: "according to Chatham House and Reuters, consumers are starting to change their behavior by shopping more consciously, especially if institutions and reliable think-tanks teach them, and guide them, with the support of proof, numbers, and facts". These reports state that the client is now identified as a globally aware individual, who is not seeking  for clothes only to cover her/his body, but yearns for good practices and production more sustainable and conscious. In this context, TheMedNew thiks that "If the brand is not striving to improve, or getting any better – there is likely to be a shift in the consumer’s behavior. The brand can lose credibility in terms of individual preference, as well as public image, and global perception. The power to attract people and investments is therefore dramatically weakened, as Simon Anholt teaches us".

Therefore, TheMedNew has decided to give retailers the possibility to be members of the textile and fashion platform because, "by keeping TheMedNew hangtags, you give credibility to your brands, you level up the status of your store, you can become more competitive in terms of social, sustainable and human awareness. That would be not only beneficial to differentiate and refresh your stocks, but it might also constitute a significant boost to your sales".

TheMedNew is a textile and fashion community of the Mediterranean,funded by the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, that aims to promote cultural and sustainable alliances. At the present, 26 textile and fashion companies are under the TheMedNew umbrella. Companies from countries such as Jordan, Greece, Italy, Spain, Tunisia and Egypt.