TEX-MED ALLIANCES 'Health Emergencies' initiative aims at establishing cross-border cooperation to fight COVID-19 and other diseases


The Heath Emergency Framework initiative launched by the TEX-MED ALLIANCES projet aims at establishing cross-border alliances among enterprises of the health textile sector in order to create a Mediterranean Health Textiles Cluster able to provide an effective, quick and tested/certified supply of health devices in case of epidemics in the Mediterranean area. The cluster will support common marketing strategies and foster innovation for wearable technologies, in particular in the field of quick diagnosis and alert tools. The 'Health Emergencies' initiative encompasses some specific actions, such as:

  • New textile preventive materials for sanitary emergencies, to enable SMEs developing health textile materials and products complying with national and European standards.
  • Structuring a framework for the production, testing and labelling of community cloth-face coverings providing testing capacities to SMEs with the tutorship of qualified laboratories.
  • Wearable technologies for health distant monitoring in the context of epidemics to add advanced performance to health protection items using new technologies.

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Download he brihcure on the Brochure on the Health Emergencies initiative