TEX-MED ALLIANCES expands the sustainable textile and fashion brand 'TheMedNew' in Jordan


The Jordanian capital was the chosen venue for the fourth launch of the new sustainable and ethical brand, TheMedNew. This event was masterfully organized by our Partner the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI), and it was particularly significant, for it included buyers and retailers for the first time. The objective – quoting Technical Assistant Manager Francesco Pellizzari – was two-folded: "to discuss the future of the TheMedNew brand, and to help people, clients, and suppliers from Jordan meet and make deals with each other".

According to Silvio Magnolo, PR & Networking Expert of the new textile and fashion platform, "TheMedNew is an online co-selling platform and a community of ethical and sustainable brands. The new identity of the sustainable and ethical Mediterranean Fashion and Textile sector".

This initiative, supported by its core inventor, TEX-MED ALLIANCES, and led by the Spanish partner, TEXFOR, has been increasingly growing over its first year, gathering more than 30 companies. From the first official launch in Barcelona, in November 2021, events, networking, and partnerships have taken place: the last one, in Jordan. 21 of our members joined the activities, which unfolded in two days, the 15th  and 16th of June 2022.

The first session of this event took place at the Four Seasons Hotel. After a welcome speech by Dr. Nael Al Husami, General Manager of ACI, the TEX-MED ALLIANCES Project Coordinator, Susanna Leonelli presented the TheMedNew initiative and Amman's event. 

After that, two inspiring and highly informative interventions about Branding and Retailing were held by Fabio d’Angelantonio, former CEO of Loro Piana (formerly Luxottica), and by Monica Marsilli, Senior Merchant Director of Value Retail (formerly Gucci, La Rinascente).

The ‘case’ of THEMEDNEW was analyzed in two roundtables. Hani Mourad Hanna, Senior Fashion Marketing International Expert, and Francesco Pellizzari moderated inspiring roundtables with consultants, partners, and testimonials of TheMedNew as Roberta Lojacono and Júlia G. Escribà. An overview of the Jordan Textile and Garment sector was then provided by Eng. Fadel Labadi, Manager of Industrial Development Department of ACI.

In the afternoon, exchanges of opinion, networking, and meetings between manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers took place in the exhibition room, where our 21 members of TheMedNew exposed their creations. 

The second day of Amman's event was dedicated to field visits. Participants from outside Jordan had the opportunity to visit local textile production facilities, including our leading Jordanian member She Chocolate, and historical Malls. 

According to TEX-MED ALLIANCES staff, "TheMedNew community has highly benefitted by visiting Jordan, for the event provided quite positive perspectives on the brand's future, ultimately reinforcing the synergy and alliances between member brands, partners, and – finally – retailers".

To conclude in the words of Project Coordinator Mrs. Susanna Leonelli, the overall results of Jordan's event were “two successful days, in which we made a lot of networking and mutual exchange of knowledge. Our hope is that more common projects will be born very soon”. The next event related to the Mediterranean, sustainable and ethical brand, TheMedNew will take place at the Athens Fashion Trade Show next September 2022.