TEX-MED ALLIANCES launches Circular Economy initiative in the Mediterranean Textile and Clothing sector: an opportunity to become greener


This TEX-MED ALLIANCES launches a new initiative with the aim of raising awareness on Circular Economy and the practical objective of stimulating innovative practices for recycling of fibres, fabrics and final products to create sustainable fashion collections. The Initiative makes available raw materials and equipment of high quality for fashion clothing at affordable costs. It covers specific initiatives, such as:

  • Develop waste to Sub-products portfolio, and provide an informative pool on the Circular Economy applied to the Textile and Clothing industry.
  • Support in the creation of Patchwork collections by using samples generally considered as worthless as inputs for apparels and other clothes.
  • Re-use of Leftovers and Re-use of Second-hand textile machines to start a virtuous circle of leftovers stocks of fashion raw materials and machinery to the benefit of apparel manufacturers who can procure high quality inputs at low prices.

The project will launch an online "Open Forum for Circular Economy" as a tool to share up-to-date knowledge and best practices implemented in the textile and clothing sector illustrated by international testimonials. The initiative foresees the launch of virtual market places hosted by Facebook to enable the matching of raw materials and machinery sellers and buyers. The initiative is intended to build up new alliances in circular economy among Mediterranean enterprises and other organizations.

Do you want to become part of this initiative? We tell you how here: http://www.enicbcmed.eu/tex-med-alliances-offers-financial-support-foster-internationalization-circular-economy-and

For more informaiton, please check this brochure