TEX-MED ALLIANCES brings knowledge about an innovative dyeing system through a technical and practical training in Tunisia


The dyeing of fabrics and textile products is an art but it can also be a problem if we talk about small companies - SMEs - working with small batches.

In order to solve this handicap, the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project has installed, through its partner CETTEX, specific and innovative equipment for the dyeing of small batches in Monastir, Tunisia. This is called the Dyeing Small Batches (DSB) initiative. The equipment is available to all TEX-MED ALLIANCES beneficiary companies. But what can this equipment do? How does it work? In order to answer these questions, CETTEX devoted the month of June 2022 to making this new dyeing tool known through technical and practical training.

The seminar on Technical assistance in dyeing small batches was organized in 6 sessions, 3 face-to-face and 3 online. 

Technical Assitance seminarOn 31 May, 1 and 2 June, the Textile Technical Centre (CETTEX) opened the doors of its Monastir Technology Resource Centre (CRT) to showcase small batch dyeing equipment. Experts presented to the participant's innovative methods and technologies in the field of dyeing and finishing. They also shared experiences and best practices. 30 organizations, companies, research laboratories, universities, and industrial companies from the Mediterranean basin participated in this event.

The main topics covered during these practical sessions were: direct dyeing of viscose yarns, practical examples of dyeing and optimization of dyeing blends, natural dyes for innovative applications, and the use of vegetable materials in dyeing processes, and useful technologies for industrial applications.

The second part of the training, the technical assistance seminar was held online on 27 and 29 June 2022. According to the organizers, these sessions had an audience of about 200 people from the 7 countries participating in the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project (Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Greece, Italy and Spain).

International experts gave the sessions in dyeing and finishing from the main reference and innovation center, AITEX located in Spain. 

Activities such as those that took place at the Monastir Technology Centre, the Dyeing Small Batches initiative is becoming an international network of companies and experts, called DSB NETWORK, who wish to improve and share knowledge in these fields and practices within textile production in the Mediterranean.