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TECHLOG: Join the official launch of the project at the MARLOG 11 Conference in Egypt!

The TECHLOG project invites you to join its official launch, which will take place on the 20th of March 2022, on the opening day of the 11th MARLOG - International Maritime Transport and Logistics - Conference in Alexandria, Egypt! The TECHLOG conference under the title "Cross Border Cooperation for Innovation in Transport” will bring together major stakeholders of the transport sector in Egypt as well as the project partners from Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt.

The MARLOG Conference helps to shed light not only on sustainable blue economies, but also on theories, applications, challenges, and related activities that have an impact on maritime transport and logistics.

Don't miss out on the conference and the opportunity to meet the TECHLOG team from across the Mediterranean!

Join the MARLOG Conference in Alexandria, by registering here or virtually via ZOOM here.
To view or download the Agenda, please click here!

The ultimate goal of the EU-funded TECHLOG project is to promote research-industry ties in the (trans)port sector by creating a permanent cross-border EU-Med environment where research organizations and (trans)port enterprises may co-create, test, and discuss new Technology Transfer Initiatives based on advanced simulation technology. 

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