Co-Evolve4BG to participate in ECOMEDPORT webinar

ECOMEDPORT is a Bluemed Start-up Action funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. It promotes the adoption of innovative and sustainable technological solutions for sedimentation control and safety of navigation in ports entrance and ports internal areas. ECOMEDPORT is promoted by the wider the Union for the Mediterranean labelled project MedCoast4BG.

ECOMEDPORT aims to disseminate this new technology in the Mediterranean basin starting with a feasibility study of an ecosystem-oriented plant for sediments management in Mediterranean ports and marinas through the involvement of stakeholders and experts. The feasibility study carried out in Houmet Essouk port (Djerba, Tunisia) will be exploited as a starting point for the Action Plan implementation in the frame of Co-Evolve4BG project. To this purpose, ECOMEDPORT foresees the organization of an internal webinar on July, 6th 2020.

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