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SWOT analysis and focus group meetings - Palestine, various locations

Three SWOT analysis and focus group meetings for community actors and stakeholders will be held on January 2020 by CROSSDEV partner Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil (MIAK).


  • Beit Sahour: January 9th, h.11.00-12.30, MIAK office 
  • Hebron: January 14th, h. 11.00-12.30, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities office 
  • Battir, Bethlehem: January 16th, h. 11.00-12.30, Local Authority building

In collaboration with the stakeholders’ contributions, the three events will work towards the following goals:

  1. Assessing the current resources of the existing segment of the Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil path;
  2. Identifying the area’s potentials: what should be done to attract visitors, local and international;
  3. Identifying the challenges that may prevent the success of the new path and discussing mitigation strategies to tackle/prevent them from happening. 

Key speakers: Mrs. Ghaida Rahil (Program Manager, MIAK)

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