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Sustainable MED Cities project at "Sustainable built environments: Paving the way for achieving the targets of 2030 and beyond” conference

The Sustainable MED Cities project will be presented at the SBE23-Thessaloniki Conference: "Sustainable buit environments: Paving the way for achieveing the targets of 2023 and beyond", that will take place on March 22 to 24. 

The conferences aim to explore sustainability in the built environment as the means to achieve the targets for climate change mitigation and adaptation and will address the three main pillars of sustainability: environment, economy and society, studied within the prism of our living space/habitat.

On March, 23, as keynote speaker, Andrea Moro, iiSBE ("international initaitive for a Sustainable Built Environment") Italia R&D President and partner of Sustainable MED Cities project, will present the speech "Sustainable MED Cities: methods and tools for high impact action plans ", focusing on how the project is currently facing the sustainability challenges in the Mediterranean area. 

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