Sustainable MED Cities' partners plan out the Local Project Committees and other concluding actions during the Final meeting


The Sustainable MED Cities Project performed its 5th and Final Project Meeting on November 21st - 22nd 2023 in Athens, Greece. This meeting was organized by National Observatory of Athens (NOA), a partner of the project.

During the meeting, the partners reviewed all the financial aspects regarding the submission of the Final Report and the completion of the last but not less important deliverables. Among them, we found the reports regarding the Pilot Test and the Evaluation of their results. Furthermore, the partners explained the agendas for the coming events like the 4th Local Project Committee where the three municipalities will present the results of their respective testing phase to the stakeholders who were informed during the whole project, and the Dissemination Event.


Moreover, the three representatives of the municipalities in charge of performing the pilots presented their achievements and results and a round of questions took place.

On the other hand, the second day was more focused on the closing of the project and its capitalization opportunities. It started doing a revision of the initial project objectives and the project achievements, the challenges that the partners faced during the project (internal and external) and the lessons learned.

Then, it continued with a session in which each partner explained their respective interests to use the results of the project and to go on with the project. Also, the Italian partner offered the possibility to join to a working group in order to update the methodology and the tools. They proposed to upload in the MedUrbanTools the results of the project and use it as a repository.

The session of the 2nd day, the session ended with the performance of the serious game focused on the simulation of the urban planning process of the project.

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