Sustainable and smart urban development: discover CARISMED project in video



The team of CARISMED projects at Birzeit University  is pleased to share with you the first video introducing the main aim and objectives of the project. "Capitalization for Re-setting Innovation and Sustainability in MED Cities” – CARISMED Project.  Watch the video below:



CARISMED promotes the uptake of results achieved by 3 ongoing ENI CBC MED projects to develop policies for improving sustainability and integrating innovation into the urban settings of Mediterranean cities, through the capitalization of circular economy (CE) and creative approaches. A great deal of experience in re-setting the existing environment will be provided by these projects through refurbishing and re-using underutilized or abandoned urban stock.

Towards a more sustainable and smart urban development, a low-cost Adaptive Reuse Strategy will use MAIA-TAQA innovation practices and interlinks with policy-makers, and INNOMED-UP model for CE procedures within Cultural Creative Industry (CCI) SMEs. CE supply chain will address urban challenges while creating business opportunities for SMEs by using INNOMED-UP model and SME4SMARTCITIES smart tools and techniques through ‘ready to deploy’ solutions.

Cooperation agreements among cluster members will be further built up to enhance collaborative innovation schemes based on MAIA-TAQA policy instruments, SME4SMARTCITIES framework for collaboration between the public and private sector, and INNOMED-UP framework for CCI SMEs clustering.

Finally, the project will promote innovative methodologies for re-setting the built environment in Mediterranean cities by developing a toolkit and guide on upcycling buildings and areas through CCI SMEs clustering. This video about CARISMED project targets small and medium enterprises (SMEs), cultural and creative Industries (CCI) clusters, women and young people working in CCIs, local communities and authorities, policy and decision-makers, and other interested citizens; who can benefit from the outcomes of the project.  


The CARISMED is funded by the #EU under ENI CBC Med Programme to the support of the EU/Programme


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